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Secret Services (three parts). Part III. "The advices to a Human-Rights defender"

T h e a d v i c e s t o a H u m a n - R i g h t s d e f e n d e r

- It is necessary to remember that the person who has appealed for help is already not able to protect himself. He is really sick since he is being influenced with PG aiming affecting the central nervous system of a human being. Any actions which require to be considered carefully cost him much efforts including the very conversation with the Human-Rights defender. Because of that he needs to be treated with great solicitude. It is necessary at once to let him understand that now he is not alone in his situation, that he is sure to be protected and to persuade him that it is true.
However, the Human-Rights defender has to remember that as soon as he has gone deeply into the person's position, considered it carefully, and is going to protect him, he finds himself in jeopardy, particularly if he is firmly determined to give publicity to all situation.
We will not here recall the Secret Service's arsenal which they are able to apply order to close the Human-Rights defender's mouth. However, they are sure to do their best to do this. Just exactly by reason of that it is necessary to make all of the story public - to give it to mass media, narrate it as many people as it is possible. However, each time when the Human-Rights defender intends to relate this story to anyone he has to be confident that he will be heard.
It is necessary to forget about all the attempts to perceive the Secret Service's motive because of which it treats its prey so cruelly. Secret Services sometimes have rather different logic than a common, normal man has. What, the fact that seems to a normal one to be preposterous can be quite logical and reasonable for Secret Services. By the way, it often regards not the interests of the State, but interdepartmental ones and sometimes even strictly practical private ones. Sometimes it happens that one of the secret officials made a mistake and hopes to correct it with using such a method. By reason of all that the Human Right defender, we have already mention that, doesn't have to make any attempts to make all of this out. In any case not in the first turn. In the first turn he has to see a person in front of him whose human-rights are catastrophically violated.

- It is necessary to break up a vicious circle of coercion and lie, on which this dreadful method of slaving people (as all the satanic things) is founded. Do you remember the well known Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsin: "Coercion has nothing to cover himself up apart from falsehood. Falsehood has nothing to rest upon apart from coercion"?
All the situation which has befallen the person is pierced through with two vectors of falsehood which are mutually complementary. Both are supposed to delude the public if the heart of the matter of the person's position suddenly is given publicity. By the plan of the Secret Service which for some its own aims' sake has plunged the person into the chronic poisoning, the people, whom he associates with have by no means to understand that he is poisoned. This is one of two basic conditions of that gas operation - one of two vectors of falsehood.
The second basic conditions lies in the fact that if the prey suddenly starts persuading anyone that he is poisoned he will be declared to be insane. Here is a paired falsehood, covering up this cooling blood coercion which is being surreptitiously performed by Secret Service upon one of the human brothers.

- In order to enlist an official confirmation of the poisoning it is necessary organize a neurologist consultation. This consultation should take place in the presence of the Human-Rights defender. It is very useful for him to hear how all of that is going from the specialist. In addition, the poisoned person, being not quite in condition, can lose sight of something in his relation, to express some of his ideas not quite precisely, etc. In this case the Human-Rights defender who is in the know of everything at this time has to add the person's relation, correct something...
It is necessary to be ready to the situation when the neurologist turns out not to be aware of chronic poisoning with organic phosphates which is very seldom encountered in every day life. (A sharp organic phosphates poisoning is just another matter. It is met rather often, but there are absolutely different symptoms while it). We know the case when a Moscow neurologist (it was she) told her patient candidly that she had nothing to do with any poisonings and had no idea what all his strange symptoms meant. She recommended another neurologist, specialist of poisonings, but next morning meeting her patient in the clinic corridor she came up to him:
- Yesterday I looked into the reference book. You seem to be right. It looks like organic phosphates indeed.
The neurologist recommended by her tuned out to be a real specialist. He named "organic phosphates" at once and to all appearance understood everything because during the visit twice advised the patient to go out of the contacts with PG:
- Just imagine that you will be cleaned... (he meant the cleaning his blood with a system of special filters they practiced in their out-patient department), but they will you again...
He neither named those "they" who could do something with him "again" nor specified what he meant saying "they will you again"... However he looked very significantly while pronouncing that.
He refused to give the person any health certificate (that was an informal visit), rejected money and cognac which the person offered him:
- It is absolutely not necessary to present me with anything. There affair of virtue has been done, and that's it! Let's arrange now to consider that you have never visited me.
However it is necessary to get a health certificate in spite of everything. It is not enough to get one certificate, but minimum two ones. For that the person should officially visit two or three neurologists. There should be a note in the health certificate that the person's symptoms match organic phosphates poisoning. There is no sense to have a reference to a blood test in the health certificate. Because of intelligible reasons this test is sure to be very good always. If it is possible it is advisedly to avoid the blood test generally in order not to obscure the whole picture. The note of the symptomatology is quite enough.
All the health certificates should be copied and hidden at the places of different friends in case of attempt to steal them. In America we knew the man whose health certificates which had been given to him by two independent doctors were stolen from his place. Fortunately, he was lucky to restore the certificates in the doctors' records, though everything could have been the wrong way round.

- It is necessary to knock the psychiatric cudgel out of the Secret Service, which it has prepared for the case of its exposure. With that end of view it is necessary for the person to be examined by independent psychiatrist. This examination also should take place in the presence of the Human-Rights defender. Independent psychiatrists should be told about the poisoning of the person so that they could make the strange symptoms described above out, if they become apparent while the examination.
It is necessary to get let the Secret Service understand that the psychiatric cudgel has two ends, and it's second end can hit the Secret Service itself with great power. For that purpose the Human-Rights defender should tell a couple of times anywhere including by phone (his phone in connection with that story is sure to be overheard) that he is determined to appeal to the International Association of Psychiatrists. As the practice shows this could be very effective. The doctor bearing shoulder-strips secretly would not like to look like Mr. Lunts and Mr. Snezhnevskiy.*

- It is necessary also to visit (of course together with the Human-Rights defender again) a toxicologist. By the way, the Russian language readers, will find out, we think, not without interest that toxicologists in Russia and toxicologists in America are not the same. In Russia a toxicologist is a doctor. He deals with poisoning, and goes in for treating people for the consequences of poisonings. I America a toxicologist is a chemist. He deals with PG, and goes in for searching affecting of different PG upon a human-being's organism. But we are talking about the Russian reality.
In the Soviet Union and in the postsoviet Russia as well toxicologists because of quite comprehensible reason always were a specific cast. However, in the big cities there are a few places where one has possibility to talk to a toxicologist. There are toxicological departments both for in-patients and out-patients in each large hospital. To say the truth these departments are full with patients suffering of sharp poisoning. Chronic poisonings are met rather seldom, but it makes no different. Toxicologists are good experts in the symptoms of chronic poisoning as well.
What would we like to have having visited a toxicologist? On the first hand, as in the case of neurologists, it is necessary to get the confirmation that the person's symptoms match chronic poisoning with organic phosphates. On the second hand (it is the main thing), it is necessary to attain the cleaning the person's blood. This is a procedure (it takes several hours) of passing one's blood through complicated system of anti-chemical filters.
The both tasks become complicated with the fact that the victim is constantly being followed by an efficient group consisting of fellows with typical shoulder bags. They not only put in action the contents of their bags, but also keep their eyes on him so that he could not, God forbid, receive somewhere the confirmation of his being poisoned indeed.
To clarify the last idea I'll relate about one "toxicological Odyssey" which took place several years ago in Moscow.
The prey and his sister (they didn't have a Human-Rights defender unfortunately) arrived to the toxicological clinic for in-patients of the widely known the Skliphosovskogo Institute. They went to the back entrance, poked to the nurse who opened them the door some money into the chink and asked her to call the doctor. The doctor, hearing that someone wanted to talk to him privately, was very favourable (probably, the idea about honorarium came to his mind at once), and the person described his symptoms. However, not willing to prompt anything to the doctor, he didn't tell him that he was aware that he was poisoned. But without any prompting the doctor said at once:
- It is a chronic poisoning. It is organic phosphates. There is nothing frightful! Just go to our out-patient toxicological clinic. They'll test your blood and clean it. In several hours you will be absolutely good.
In several days the person and his sister came to the out-patient toxicological department. They went to the back entrance again, called the doctor. The conversation was short but extremely constructive:
- I am poisoned. I've no idea, where it has been done. They said it is organic phosphates. Could you clean me? Here is a hundred dollars.
The doctor's reaction came immediately:
- Of course, we can. What is the problem? Galochka! (It was the name of one of the trained hospital nurses - V.K.).
He got down to issuing some instructions... But suddenly someone imperiously hailed him from the distant end of the corridor:
- Nikolay Ivanovich!
He left and in three minutes came back, being absolutely another man:
- What kind of poisoning is that?! You don't have any poisoning! Let's take a look at the symptoms while the poisoning with organic phosphates.
He opened the book he had fetched and started numerating.
- Well? Have you had such symptoms?
The victim kept a silence. He really didn't have such symptoms. It was not until in the evening at his place the idea came to his mind that the doctor had numerated the symptoms of sharp poisoning while he had a chronic one. The doctor could not but see that. He juggled with the facts deliberately.
- Well. What about the blood test in this case?
- It is possible.
Farther the events were going in a following way. They took his blood for the test (it was the venous blood), and he came out in the yard (the clinic was located on the first floor). He was pacing to and fro not so far from the entrance, when a man in the hospital uniform came up to him. That was either a doctor or a hospital attendant (the person had not seen him before). Lowering his voice he asked:
- Was it you whose blood has been just taken?
- Yes. It was me.
- There is a computer there.
- ???
Seeing that he was not comprehended, the man clarified:
- There is no anyone there, only the computer.
He told nothing more.
And again the victim didn't understand (his obscured head didn't let him catch that at once) that the doctors, who evidently had understood everything, took pity on him and now were trying to help him to intercept the result the blood test from the Secret Service. He tarried, was taken aback... And in several minutes Nikolay Ivanovich was coming up to him holding triumphantly in his hand some sheet of paper.
- You see! Was it not me who told you! The blood test is normal. You are absolutely healthy!
In several days the person and his sister came to the toxicological clinic for in-patients again, and the same doctor, who had advised the person on his poisoning before, said:
- I've already told you: You have a chronic poisoning with organic phosphates. Will you just go to the out-patient toxicological clinic. They'll test your blood and clean it.
- We have already been there!
- Have you been?!
He left and in a minute was back. His face was changed with fear.
- What a poisoning did you mean? Where have you got such an idea? You don't have any poisoning!
The circuit was closed...

What can Human-Rights defender do under the circumstances like these?
It is very important to be aware that a regular blood test is not enough in order to reveal the presence of organic phosphates in human-being's organism. A regular blood test doesn't show anything like that. It is necessary to take some kind of specific test. It is called "Blood test for "cholesterase" (unfortunately, I am not sure how to write this medical term in a correct way - V.K.)
If the Human-Rights defender represents an official Human-Rights organization, he has to visit toxicologists and, showing his ID, ask them to let him possibility to trace all of the stages of the person's blood test for "cholesterase". If his request is rejected, it will be the ground for further Human-Rights actions. Moreover, it'll become evident that there is something wrong with the person’s blood test.
If the Human-Rights defender doesn't have a corresponding ID, it is necessary to find somehow out the exact location of the computer, which issues the final result of blood test for "cholesterase" and be there without preliminary permission in due time.
Moreover, the Human-Rights defender has to be aware that while the chronic poisoning like that one loses the capacity to assimilate vitamin B-12 form the food. As for the lack of vitamin B-12, it can result in different functional departures from the norm including in one’s behaviour. We are not professionals and not aware, when such departures usually arrive. We also don’t know what intensity the exhausting of vitamin B-12 is going in one's organism with. However, from the moment when one starts feeling the gasiform PG going towards him (one of the signs that the chronic poisoning have been already formed) that exhausting is going with the full speed. Neurologists recommend to begin making injections of vitamin B-12.
Summing up, we would like to repeat: being in such a condition a person is not able to protect himself at all. He needs in the very serious protection!
"Who hath ears to hear, let him hear..."!
* - Mat. 13, 43.

** - Mr. Lunts and Mr. Snezhnevskiy - the well known soviet psychiatrists, involving into using punitive psychiatry while the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Krylovskiy,
September 27 2007

While an honest investigaiton (it could be interdepartmental one) I am ready to prove everything described above. It seems to be very important because as far as I know there is at least one person in USA who is being treated with the described method at this time. I can suppose that minimum a couple of persons in Russia are in the same position as well.

This text is totally posted on the Russian Human Rights Website - (then click on the section "Гостевая" /"For guests"/, located in the upper part of the screen, and scroll all the way down to the "July 1, 2008"). It is also publihsed on the Russian language website (August 5, 2008).
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