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Thank you for your response, Dawn. I feel this is a good conversation to have. You aren't the first kindhearted, intelligent social worker I've known who holds political views (that's what this amounts to, really) that are exactly the opposite of what one would expect. Hearing you explain the discrepancy is helpful. I hope you're getting something useful out of this, too. Collapse )

Bush Babes

One of George Bush's first acts after becoming president was to stop all US funds to foreign organisations that helped women in any way to get an abortion, including providing advice. The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) lost $34m that Congress had appropriated for it in 2002.

"At a time when governments have pledged to increase their commitment to improving the health of women, only the Bush administration could find logic in the idea that they can reduce abortion and promote choice for women in China by causing more abortion," said Hovig.

Secret Services (three patrs). Part II. "Who hath ears to hear, let him hear"

"W H O H A T H E A R S T O H E A R , L E T H I M H E A R..." *

"Of whom a man is overcome,
of the same is he brought in bounge"
(2Pet. 1,29)

What is a rear sight shooting? Everybody knows. It is a shooting when one chooses an aim among several ones placed not so far each from other, then he is taking a careful sight and... Right! Meanwhile, since telescopic sights started to be used, a rear sight shooting became to be an accuracy itself.
Do you think it is possible to hit a person being in the in the crowd or in one place with some other people with gasiform poison gas (PG)? It turned out that it is possible.
The method of doing this is very simple. It is used by Secret Services without any difficulties, though it is beyond even the imagination of a sane, normal person. One is filled (or, as one of Russian Human Rights defender has said, "pumped full") by force with gasiform organic phosphates - PG affecting the central nervous system of a human being. May be any other PG are used as well, but we know nothing about that.
"How is it possible to fill anybody with poison gas? - a reader will ask, - Well, it is possible to poison one. It is easy to comprehend. It is enough to let the gas get into the room where one is located, and that is it! Of course, at the same time all the other people who are present at the moment in this place would be stricken as well. But to fill one with gas?!
It turned out that this is also possible. As a rule, this is done while the night time. A gasiform colourless and odourless organic phosphates are being sent to the room where one is sleeping (let's get down to the version when there is nobody except for him in the room while the night time). It is not so complicated from the technical point of view. They send to one's room PG in a very small quantity and of a very slight concentration. The concentration of PG is so slight that it doesn't do a human being any harm. It even doesn't attract his attention (at least, while the first time). In other words, one is sleeping and has no idea what happens to him in spite of himself. There are two such attacks with some time interval during the night. As a rule, each attack lasts about an hour.
It is necessary to say that organic phosphates are quickly withdrawn from human being's organism with urine, breathing, perspiration... At the next evening there are almost no any poison in the one's organism. That is what on that very "almost" this Jesuitical method of pressure upon the person and his enslaving is based.
On the second night the person is treated with the gas attacks again, and at the end of the second day almost all PG given to him during the second night are withdrawn as well. However the remaining quantity of PG is added to the remaining quantity of the first night PG, then to the total remaining quantity of the two nights PG, then to the total remaining quantity of the three nights PG, etc. At the same time while the day and the evening time they are doing their best not to miss the moment when he is alone in the place - in the room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen (the prey's apartment is always overheard, and often it is overseen as well) and to add to him some quantity of PG. Moreover, they treat him with PG in the street, using a specific methods (I'll tell about this later).
If one is not alone in the room during the night (let's consider this version now) they don't treat him while the night time (except for the case when he goes to the bathroom), and all of the operation is performed while the daytime. In this case it takes the Secret Service more time to reach the final result as usual. Though, one or two nights they can work with him for all that, because the quantity of PG sent to the room for these two nights is so few, that those members of his family who share the room with him don't even notice it.

"So, what is the aim of such a filling a person with PG?" - an inquisitive reader will ask again, - And how is a rear sight shooting concerned in this case?"
In some time (approximately between two weeks and a month after the beginning of the operation) a person begins to comprehend what happens to him. At this time he began to sense the gas which is sent imperceptibly into his room. He has already felt bad enough. His face glows, though it looks like usual. He senses some burning in his breast. His salvia becomes viscous and unnaturally white. There are small cramp twitches of different groups of muscles all over his body (convulsion readiness). Moreover, it became very difficult for him to think something over. It is necessary to add some somnolence which is very strong from time to time. We know the case when a person fell asleep while the intercourse, and another time when he was driving.
That is the time when the person became to be an open target for a rear sight treating him with poison gases wherever he was. The small quantity of PG of trifling concentration which is baneful for him is at the same time practically harmless for people who find themselves close to him at the moment. They even don't notice it. Now it is possible to hit him with the poison gases when he is among his family, friends, colleagues, in the urban transport, in the cinema, in the theatre etc, not being worried about people who find themselves occasionally in the zone of poison gases.
At this time the Secret Service begins to remind about itself (from the very beginning of the poison gas operation it has not revealed itself). Ominous silent or strange telephone calls are heard in his place.
It is high time to explain now in what cases and when Secret Services use such a complicated, cumbersome and very expensive method of pressure upon a person. Of course, nothing is done off the cuff. Nothing is done without rhyme or reason. A long, laborious, single-minded work always precedes the gas attack, but the main thing in this situation is the fact that this work because of different reasons result nothing.
However, the absence of any result is not enough for a Secret Service to get down to this method. It should be the absence of a very significant result. It occurs sometimes that in a Secret Service's opinion (which very often is absolutely wrong), a person has some very important information. I addition he has some information which could compromise the Secret Service seriously. For example, he is aware about some inhuman methods of pressure upon people who are under investigation or shadowing Secret Services uses. If Secret Service suspects that the person intends to give publicity to this information, they get down to this method. They are sure that the best way for them to obtain from him the necessary information and at the same time to disavow him as a dangerous witness is to enlist him, converting him into their secret agent. This method leads to the person's persistent poisoning, and then, as a result of it - to recruiting him by force.
The person who has against his will been plunged into a chronic poisoning finds himself on a very short lead. Now it is absolutely possible to manipulate with his health making him feel well or bad. It sounds terrible, isn't it? However, it is really so.
Practically he is already an invalid. He is not able to tolerate a regular cigarette smoke, be found near any detergents (washing powder and so on), drop in any hardware store where they sell paints, be found in any place if it has just been painted. It is unnecessary to mention the case when somebody in the neighbourhood of him starts to determinate cockroaches or bed-bugs. All of this causes a heavy wasting cough which looks like vomiting. Besides that, he discovers that it is difficult for him to think, difficult to arrive at decisions, difficult to go in for any intellectual work. It takes him much more time to solve any intellectual task than it took him before.
The person rushes to a hardware store and purchases gas mask supplied with anti-chemical filters. During some time he feels rather easier. However, the filter soon shrinks low, and he has to buy another one. He goes to the store and finds out that there are neither protective masks nor anti-chemical filters on sale. He goes to another store, then to the second one, then to third one... There is the same situation everywhere. He starts to have such a feeling that, at least, in his local area both masks and filters has been removed by somebody's order. He goes to another district of the city and comes across a very familiar situation. In all hardware stores whatever he may go into, he is told that five minutes before there a man came and bought all of protective masks and filters .
If he is lucky somehow or rather to purchase any anti-chemical filters, he has to cherish them as the apple of his eye and by no means to leave them in the uninhabited apartment. Otherwise he will not be able to use them: breathing through them will cause a heavy cough described above, as if someone while the absence of people in the apartment brought some quantity of PG on the filters' surface.
Trying to make his lot easier, the person does his best to spend time in the fresh air as long as he can. However, even in this case he encounters some kind of "surprise". The "surprise" in this case depends on the geographical location of the Secret Service which persecutes him. On the straight like an arrow streets of the transoceanic power's cities the "surprise" overtakes him in the shape of an invisible gasiform cloud thrown out of the operative cars specially equipped for such an aim and shooting past him with a high speed.
On the Russian streets the person is being followed by operative people with such bags of the same type on their shoulders. We are not aware about the contents of these bags, however, as soon as one of the operative people approaches the person the latter at once finds himself within a gas cloud.
Of course, he has possibility to go to the country (to the forest, for example), to the park or to the see (if he lives in the city situated near the see). However, in a very short time he feels that organic phosphates are going to him again with the wind for this time. In spite of their being colourless and odourless he recognizes them at once because he feels sharply ill.

"But to what extent is it possible to fill one with such a muck?", - the reader exclaimed again.
Two toxicologists - an American and a Russian one - has told him in informal conversation, that the time comes when a person in the position like his can lose his conscious for the short time. So, that is what Secret Services strive to reach in this situation.
If it happens in the street the person very soon finds himself in the hospital. (He is brought there by the ambulance, which was passing near that place "by chance"). The doctors, at least some of them, know very well what kind of patient has come to them. They are aware quite well what was the real reason of his falling unconscious in the street.
The tragedy of his situation lies in the fact that he can explain nothing to anyone. Once he drops a hint at some poisoning or gases a heavy mental diagnosis will show in his chart. But he is sure to be examined by a psychiatrist. However, it will occur later. In the meantime the doctors are doing their best to make him feel all of the hopelessness of his conditions. In his presents they start expressive discussion about his conjectural brain's swelling. But when the person goes through necessary examinations and it becomes absolutely clear that there is no any swelling in his brain, the doctors get down to asking him, if there have been any lunatics in his family. All of this is designed for making him lose any hope and agree with informal contacts with the Secret Service: " Oh! Oh! I am ready for everything!"
If it doesn't happen, the person falls in the street again in some time after his leaving the hospital and finds himself in the hospital again. After that it happened once again and after that again and again. At least a psychiatrist is invited to examine him.
However, everything what takes place in the hospital is a fruit of the author's imagination. He permitted himself to let his imagination run. He doesn't have any experience of losing his consciousness, falling in the Street and finding himself in the hospital. However ha has another experience. I'll retell about it later.

So, what Secret Services exactly uses this Jesuitical, man-hating, violating all of the basic human rights method? By our own experience we know that American and Russian Secret Services use it. We can suppose that Secret Services of countries which are friendly to USA and Russia are armed with that method.
Everything here is very simple in general. Secret Services of former Soviet Republics also as the former social republics of the Eastern Block have inherited this method from the Soviet KGB. Those among them which after disintegration of the Soviet Union gave guidance to the North Atlantic Union could besides that receive it from their new transatlantic partners. As far as the Western Europe democratic countries are concerned, it is widely known their close connections with their American colleagues.
There is a particular piquancy, lying in the fact that the Secret Services of the opposite orientations have some kind of a mutual guarantee. They have an informal arrangement to cover this awful method up from the world general public. In 1996 in America we knew one Russian immigrant who was suggested to come to unofficial relations with one of the American Secret Services. When he firmly rejected their suggestion, they "pumped" him up with gasiform organic phosphates. Then he got a plane ticket and, using the opportunity since he had a Russian passport, left USA for Moscow. Just in several hours after his arriving he was taken up by KGB with the same method. The reason of that lay in the fact that they were aware of what had happened to him in America. They knew everything (I mean that Americans had tried to recruit him using that method) out of telephone conversations which he was holding with one of the well known Russian Human Rights defenders and from the detail letter which he had faxed her from New-York.

But why doesn't the person, who as the fate's decree has fallen a prey to this horrible method, relate about everything to everybody? Why doesn't he narrate about his awful story his friends, neighbours, fellow-employees? Why doesn't he appeal to the mass media, or at last to the police? In the answer of this very important question lies the explanation of this crying scandalous fact. How it has generally happened that such a method has become to be possible on the Earth? Why do two-legged creatures from Secret Services, who have the insolence to call themselves human beings, dare to use this method to homosapients? How it has happened that the human association allows such a thing? The answer of this question is simple and frightful. The human association knows nothing about this.
These poor things who has found himself in such a position are not heard by anybody. Their stories are sounded so preposterous that it is much more easier for the interlocutor to take this as a fruit of morbid fantasy, take the narrator to be a little bit out of himself than believe everything. Yuriy Vlasov, repeated world and Olympic games champion and the prominent dissident, who at the end of the 80-s embarked on a single combat with KGB (his lungs have been ruined by KGB just with poison gases), used to say: "When one says that it is possible for the certain forces to make anyone fall ill, to convert anyone into a sick person, the people who hear all of this are declined to perceive this as the revealing of unbalanced character..."
In addition the person who is being treated with PG affecting the central nervous system of a human being, really can make a strange impression. It is difficult for him to collect his thoughts, difficult to concentrate his attention at the certain topic... Moreover, if it is known that he is going to some serious meeting, he can on his way to it suddenly feel such typical (known very well to psychiatrists) jerks of his head, such typical movement of his tongue. His interlocutor really can think that this poor fellow is out of himself a little bit, particularly if he meets him first.
The same about organizations - state as well as the human rights ones, where these poor tings try to appeal. For example, the mentioned above the Russian immigrant in America who had been pumped with PG by American Secret Services sent by fax his complaint to different state organizations. Moreover, he sent it to the American branch of Amnesty International, and Human-Rights Watch / Helsinki. Besides that, he was acquainted with the well known Russian human-rights defender Ludmila Alekseesva (she had just returned to Moscow after 20 years sojourn in USA) and faxed her his complaint from New-York as well. Apart from that, he gave her several calls from New-York and narrated about his situation in details. She expressed sympathy with him and made him believe that American human-rights were sure tor respond his complaint. She suggested also her relating everything the representative of American Human-Rights Watch / Helsinki (her name seemed to be Rachel) who was at that time in Moscow.
In several days Mrs. Alekseeva told him about the conversation with American lady. On hearing about poison gases, she exclaimed: "This is absolutely impossible in our country!" (The well known Russian writer Anton Tchekhov came to his mind at once: "It is impossible, because it is never possible!" That's it! It was such a reaction of Human-Rights defender to the narration of the appalling Human-Rights violations. She neither asked Mrs. Alekseeva to give her the prey's phone number so that she could give him a call and make inquiries about everything, nor manifested the willing to give a call her Helsinki’s Group colleagues and display interest, how the investigation of the events described in the complaint is going on, and why after all there had been no response for the complaint.
Shortly after that the person arrived by air to Moscow, where at the same day was taken up by KGB with the same method. From the fax which he had sent Mrs. Alekseeva from New-York and their phone talks as well KGB knew what had occured to him in USA. (By the by then it was not necessary to fill him out with anything to have him led by the Secret Service as it had been done at the beginning of the operation. It was quite enough just to going on with him what Americans were doing). Then he went to Mrs. Alekseeva (they met at her apartment in the Old Arbat street) and once again in this time in details narrated her his story.
Probably, he really was a little bit out of himself. (On his way to her he paid attention to some people with such bags of the same type on their shoulders who were being followed him). However, he noticed that she was peering into him rather than hearing what he was saying. Suddenly she lost her interest in him and told something an American lady who visited her at that time. He heard that they were talking about the weather...
In three weeks he returned to New-York and found out that no one of the organizations - neither state nor Human-Rights ones where he had appealed with his complaint, replied to it. However, he became rather soon aware of American Secret Services’ actions in respond. He was told in an overt way... By the way, it should be interesting (particularly for those who have their own experience of being under some Secret Services' pressure) what it means - "in an overt way". Did they give him a call? Or did they call him up with subpoena or in any other way? Oh, but there was nothing like that. Simply one of his nodding acquaintance whom he had seen several times in his life suddenly showed specific knowledge of his biography and some everyday facts which his wife and him were discussing in their bedroom. Having shown in that way in the concrete his ID the acquaintance told out of the blue sky: "They don't let anybody come out of the condition like you have found yourself in. They have mixed you up, taken you not for the person you really are. However, you turned out to be a complete blunderer and faxed your complaint everywhere. As result of this there is the only way to correct the situation now. You have to visit a psychiatrist and let him diagnose you slightly. In five years it would be possible to remove this diagnosis, and the people who urge you now to do this will tell "Such a smart person he is!" If you do this you'll feel at once much more easier".
Fortunately, not all the people whom these poor things appeal to for the help are deaf for them. There are some of them ("Who hath ears to hear, let him hear...") who though with difficulty catch the situation. (It is interesting that those who truly respond to the strange misfortune turn often out to believe in the Lord). And here it is very important for the man who has really comprehended what happens in the concrete, to behave in a right way. Not being as a rule a Human-Rights defender, he nevertheless has to to act as a Human-Rights defender. And now we would like to give him several advices.

October 17th Stand Up Fundraiser for Barack Obama!


It's crunch time in the presidential election, and there are still a lot of voters out there who haven't decided either way. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working hard to win over the swing voters. Several rockin' comics and I want to help!

I know you've already dropped some cash on Obama buttons that haven't arrived and a shirt that came in the wrong size. Don't hold that against him. And, more importantly, don't let that keep you from our "last push" fundraiser! There will be comedy, music, a special video message from someone that we'd like to believe is the real VP nominee for the GOP, and a raffle with some pretty nice prizes!

Oh, and a Republican elephant pinata!

So, come one, come all to SNC: Switzerland Neutral Comedy's Un-Neutral Fundraiser for Obama/Biden!

Let's make change with comedy!
-Evan M.

Friday, October 17th 10 p.m.
The Sage Theater, 7th Avenue between 47th and 48th
Tickets available at:

Jane Aquilina (Carolines, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex –“Bump in the Night”) Rachel Axelrod (Caroline's, Comix, Gotham, Don't Tell Mama's, Stain)
J-L Cauvin (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, NESN Comedy All Stars)
Leslie Goshko (2008 Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion, Comix, Gotham Comedy Club Improv, Start Trekkin', Headshop Guerillas Improv)
Jay Hoskins (Carolines, Comix, Don’t Tell Mama)
Jennifer Kwok (, NY Times, NBC Stand-Up for Diversity)
Gubernatorial Candidate Eddie McOwskey (Jeremiah Murphy: NY International Fringe Festival, The PIT, Nickelodeon, Biography Channel’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories.)
Evan Morgenstern (Carolines, Comix, Don’t Tell Mama, UCB)
Diana Saez (Comix, Gotham, Sirius Radio)
Devin Sanchez (Carolines, Gotham, Don’t Tell Mama)
Ari Voukydis (VH1, UCB)
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Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia!

The world. You deceive! World mass media conduct propagation of a false information. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia has attacked South Ossetia. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered into city Tskhinvali. Artillery bombardment all the day long proceeded, fights with use of tanks and heavy combat material, both against ossetic armies, and against peace inhabitants were conducted. 2000 civil people already were lost. The Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and prompting of the world in republic and protection of the Russian citizens living on territory of South Ossetia. Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on eve of Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism. We shall tell is not present to WAR!!!

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called the Georgian assault “a crime”.

He has personally toured the beds of the injured, and spoken with refugees, across the border in North Ossetia, inside Russia. He said he could no longer bear to listen to their appalling stories.

One women told him she had seen relatives pushed into a house which was then set on fire. Another described an old woman and two children being crushed by a Georgian tank. Putin insisted it was “beyond the imagination of any civilised person”.

The prime minister returned to Moscow adamant that Russian intervention in South Ossetia was completely justified.

In front of television cameras, speaking to President Dmitry Medvedev, Putin said:
“People are in a difficult situation, especially old people, children and women. They have seen a lot of suffering. I would like to draw your attention, Mr President, to elements of genocide against South Ossetian people”

It appears there are moves to create humanitarian corridors for refugees to flee. But Georgia insists nothing has yet been agreed.

No western cameras in South Ossetia
The conflict over Georgia’s breakaway republic is as much about information as it is about weapons. South Ossetia's press service claims Western media outlets can't be trusted because they haven't been operating in the region ”since the conflict began”.

Youtube videos

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Hi, this video is directed to an American public and the rest of civilized Western world. I am a Russian citizen, I live in United States for a long time, for over 10 years. I happened to be in Russia now and I caught all this "action" that's taking place in South Ossetia, a region in Georgia. I never posted on youtube, but I couldn't hold myself from doing it now. I had to do this.
My message to American public is meant as a wake up call. American and other Western media especially CNN is feeding you complete horse shit! Russia did not invade and did not attack Georgia. It was a response to a horrible war crime committed by Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, this irresponsible man who just can't stand Russia, hates us, and will kiss America's and Europe's ass just to get a chance to join NATO and European Union. America has always supported Georgian "democracy" and I suspect actually that it was America who instigated Georgia to commit this crime.... on the first day of Olympics! How ironic is that? But please don't take this allegation too close heartedly, my point is not about whether or not U.S. government had any role in this, my point is to give you truth about what really happened Thursday night

So again, Russia did not invade or attack Georgia, as your media outlets are saying.

A brief geography and history lesson. South Ossetia is a very small region about 40 miles by 40 miles in the northern Georgia. It's population is around 70000 people. It borders with Russia. Today, many of the residents of South Ossetia are Russian citizens holding Russian passports, it's our people. South Ossetia had claimed independence from Georgia in 1992. Obviously it was never recognized by any international organizations. In 2006, they held an election where 99% of the voters supported independence from Georgia, and the turn out rate was 95%, it was monitored by a team of 34 international observers from the West. It still was not recognized by the world. As an analogy I would like to bring Kosovo situation, Serbian region in the south that was illegally snatched from Serbia and made into an independent country. Please look it up on Wikipedia and see how similar this situation is. How ironic is that America never supported Southern Ossetia same way it supported Kosovo. Obviously, it was made to show Russia how unfriendly the rest of the world is towards us.

Thursday night, Georgian military started an attack against South Ossetia. It was yesterday. They shelled the main city of Tshinkvali. They killed over a 1000 people. The excuse was to "restore the constitutional order in the region". BULLSHIT! This attack was an attempt to commit "ethnic cleansing", it was an act of genocide. They shelled civilian houses, schools, hospitals, without any warning. They also captured several villages near Tshinkvali. Reports say that they attempt to kill anyone of the Ossetian nationality. It was a pure act of Genocide. Wake up!

Russia couldn't watch this atrocity happening to its own citizens. We had no choice but to bring in our military into the region and protect our people. Whatever happens next the world needs to know, that the cause of this conflict is Georgia and its president. Before you accept what your media tells you, before you get fired up by McCains irresponsible allegations and comments, try remember all the lies that American media had always fed you, try to read news from other media outlets, not russian, but other parts of the world, other than U.S. or U.K.'s media.

America needs to wake up and stop doing what it's doing. Stop seeing an enemy in Russia. Stop using countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia who are basically acting like prostitutes of U.S. government in their public acts of hatred towards Russia.

And finally need to say, Mr. SSHAshvili that's how we like to call him. S.SH.A stands for U.S.A in Russian. Mr. SSHAshvili will pay for what happened yesterday.